30 September 2013

The chicken in paradise

The financial system thought possible to grow the golden eggs of Europe forever.
Judged it to be possible to establish a system of endless debt based on compliance and confidence with mere contracts.
After all it was just another gold rush of speculation and eventually killed the chicken that put the golden eggs.
This is a good example for emerging economies around the globe.

Excessive speculation, coupled with fraudulent accounts and pure greed led to the existence of more electronic money that in the form of paper currency.
When humans now had a time of relative peace,
now had a time of organization, now had a time of civilization, of science and conditions for a better life, here comes the unruly capital that relies on increasing the number of individuals as human pyramid solution, running over their civilizational advances and their rights, with the power to dictate economic evaluations and controlling politics, through an ideology of overproduction, with a margin too high of waste that harms the clima, the nature and makes an domino effect in humans, which have impact now and in the future.

Of the many possible analogies that we can think of, I give you one:
chickens in an aviary in which all live thinking that life is like that, thinking that the world is like that and that's how it should be, ignoring the lives of chickens living in freedom seeing the sunshine and the green of nature.

It is therefore proved (as if there were no evidence of that in the past ...) that the financial system can dictate important civilizational setbacks and do make everyone believe that countries offerers of horrible working conditions and a life of slavery are in good path for the future.

The henhouse will increase with more chickens and, with the lack of space, the living conditions will be much worse.

Shhhh, they will think that is paradise.

22 July 2012


The pessimist always hits its forecasts, the optimist is always apologizing to someone, but beyond that, the brain is always fooled by the heart.

08 April 2011

Poet Luís Vaz de Camões, 1572

Love is fire that burns without being seeing;
It is wounded that it aches and is not felt;
It is a contentment discontents;
It is pain that renders crazy without aching;

It is not to want more than to want well;
It is solitary walk among people;
It is never to content itself of contented;
It is to take care of that it is gained in if losing;

It is to want to be imprisoned for will;
It is to serve to whom wins, the winner;
It is to have to whom kill us loyalty.

But as to cause can its favour
In the human hearts friendship,
If so contrary itself it is the same Love?

Luís Vaz de Camões

13 June 2009


Near Beja, Portugal, there’s a landscape that leaves me quite happy and this photo sure tell about it.
That’s a motif to calm and relax me and my depression.
Long one…

21 May 2008


There is an anchor in my heart that holds me unrest less and sceptical about human nature. People are strange (Jim Morrison) and not reliable. This is a beach at Algarve, in Portugal, has a lot of anchors in the sand, so I took this picture by chance. We all are anchors that grab the bottom not to going very fast, and, believe me, we are at the bottom.
Speculation on food… Transgenic plants and rights over living being…Human rights…Refuse of humanitarian help…Speculation on oil prices…Human traffic…Paedophiles…War…
Only our romantic view of the world is bearable.

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07 July 2007

Nothing radically new in Europe

Sorry guys, had some time without access to the web.Technical support is on the way, just now, to fix the problem with the modem.Glad you still come see me. At Europe things still pretty the same, from some time awhile, Russian problem(they intend install anti-missile defenses too), the Turquish issue (the guarantee of the minimum human’s rights) about entering the European Union (and the geographical political strategy importance of such act), wide opening economic relations with Brasil and all countries of Africa’s continent, european social politics also will be discuss like the workers concerning “flexi security” which will improve the speed of relations worker/employer when things are not agreeable for each/one side (as if now was already easy to workers to have a future, I mean the southern countries of Europe).Well the funny of all this is the next six months of EU will be commanded by the presidency of Portugal which country has very strong structural economic problems, result of the last ten years of governmental decisions that lead us this point now.Last millions of euros (€) of free funds from the core of this Union onto Portugal must be well applied by Portuguese to achieve the same economical rhythm as others European countries as Germany or France (I only can laugh, cause that money was very badly misused in the recent past).Is there an economical God?St.Money…